Thursday, August 21, 2008

What do people really think of Windows Vista?

Are you ready upgrade to Windows Vista?
Yes, I have been using it more than a year. One year ago, my friend and I become committee of Campus Launching of Windows Vista. Our role is promoted Windows Vista around the campus. We were volunteers of the project. Any revenue of Windows Vista is nothing relate with us. From there we learn, we try, we use, we experience more about Windows Vista.

For me, I like it very much.

Last year I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium, starting May of 2008 I have upgrade it to Windows Vista Ultimate. Some of the people will say that is nothing different compare with other operating system. Yes, you are correct because you don’t know what you don’t know about it. Many user normally will reject it initially. So many of them are on the right path.

Yes, why I’m writing all of this? I’m just a consumer of Windows Vista. Any profit of Microsoft nothing relate with me. That’s why every time my friend criticism Windows Vista, I am silent all the time.

They said Windows Vista not user friendly, I am silent.
They said Windows Vista not compatible with much software, I am silent.
They said Windows XP are much better, I am silent.
They said………… I am silent, I am silent silent silent…….

BUT today I wish to share with all my friend: Windows Vista is user friendly, convenience, compatible with the software I’m using………..

Today I received an email from with title “What do people really think of Windows Vista?” Maybe some of you also received it. I wish to share it because that is similar with my personal opinion.

Here is the content of the email.
“What do people think of Windows Vista when they don't know it's Windows Vista? We did a little experiment, introducing a group of people to Microsoft's "new" operating system, code named "Windows Mojave." But we actually showed them Windows Vista. Watch these videos to see the surprising things they had to say.”

For more information you can logon to

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